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PHP Types

Type Comparison There are two types of comparison: loose comparison with == and strict comparison with===. Strict comparison ensures both the type and value of both sides of the operator …

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PHP Comments

Single Line Comments The single line comment begins with “//” or “#”. When encountered, all text to the right will be ignored by the PHP interpreter. // This is a …

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PHP Constants

Defining constants Constants are created using the const statement or the define function. The convention is to use UPPERCASE letters for constant names Define constant using explicit values const PI …

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PHP Variable Scope

Variable scope refers to the regions of code where a variable may be accessed. This is also referred to as visibility. InPHP scope blocks are defined by functions, classes, and …

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PHP Variables

Chapter 2: VariablesAccessing A Variable Dynamically By Name (Variable variables)Variables can be accessed via dynamic variable names. The name of a variable can be stored in another variable, allowing it …

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PHP Getting started with PHP

PHP 7.xVersion Supported Until Release Date7.1 2019-12-01 2016-12-017.0 2018-12-03 2015-12-03PHP 5.xVersion Supported Until Release Date5.6 2018-12-31 2014-08-285.5 2016-07-21 2013-06-205.4 2015-09-03 2012-03-015.3 2014-08-14 2009-06-305.2 2011-01-06 2006-11-025.1 2006-08-24 2005-11-245.0 2005-09-05 2004-07-13PHP 4.xVersion …

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